So we meandered into Akureyri after a late night of hunting for a good camping spot and some epic star gazing. It wasn’t fantastic star gazing as there was indeed a road nearby, but it was still the best night we’d seen the northern lights. And by we I mean me outside in layers upon layers and my wife laying in bed in the Kangoo with layers and layers, a sleeping bag and a pillow. Just saying.  Anyways, I had the better night eh?


Rolling into town we stopped at a few shops in search of some respite for what we didn’t know was ailing our car. We stumbled on the one Renault service station which was just opening. The heaps friendly and helpful fella said give him 3-4 hours. He rang Kuku Campers and they sorted out the bill for the service, which was indeed a stuffed wheel bearing. Be sure to note that when you have a Kuku Camper (or probably any hire car) to let them know to contact the company before you get any work done to it. If they don’t approve of the shop or the work being done they won’t cover it!

Strolling around Akureyri […]

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Northerly-ish Iceland

So from Isafjordur we made our along Highway 61 through the seemingly endless amount of incredibly lengthy fjords. After climbing up and down some elevation we detoured on Highway 643/645 towards Drangsnes in hopes that we’d be able to catch a ferry out to Grimsey Island to see a plethora of puffins. We both remember watching nature documentaries that showcased these rad and meek looking birds and were super keen to see them.

We entered into Drangsnes and asked someone at the petrol station (there is only one) whether the ferries were going out. The lady left her store to its lonesome, walked to her neighbours place, asked them and came back and devastated us: “it’s not the right season and the birds aren’t there yet, so no ferries.” Yep. Failed research.   As it turns out, there are 2 Grimsey Islands, one near Drangsnes, which indeed has lots of puffins (at the right time of year), and the other accessible by boat and airplane as it’s about 40km’s (25 miles) from mainland Iceland.

So we backtracked and continued down to the junction of Highway 61 and Highway 1. We stopped along one of the many stunning and empty black-sanded beaches for […]

Westerly Iceland [Reykjavik – Isafjordur]

If you read about our Kuku Camper then you’ll have briefly touched on the beginning of our trip.

Driving North out of Reykjavik is fairly interesting, though for those doing the golden triangle, taking the quick detour East, you barely make it out of the city before you head inland towards Thingevellir.

We were leaving that til the end and were keen on making our way as far north as possible, apparently leaving the best for last?

The places and activities we tagged to visit were:

Natural Hot Baths
Icelandic Horses
Various Western waterfalls

(Find Josh in the above shot…..)
This, of course, is a short statement to what we actually saw in terms of natural beauty. If you’ve been there, you know what I mean! We drove 4.5 hours from Reykjavik and what they all say is true; you can see all varieties of weather, and landscape in that time. We were adamant to camp only at picturesque places so we wake up with a view and the first night was a windy sleep on a stunning fragmented peninsula apparently called Verzlunarstadur. We found the place, and within an hour another two cars felt the spot’s awesome view calling them so we all happily shared the […]

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All to Ourselves // Dyjandifoss

Depending on the direction you are getting to Dyjandifoss it can either be a surprise reveal or it can be a white stream down a big hill from far away and as you get closer you realise it’s size.

It’s not a huge waterfall, but indeed spectacular in height and breadth and surrounding. It’s an incredibly picturesque place with a sizeable enough car park, toilets, and a nice path up to the falls. If you are keen for a nice long break from driving, this spot affords some FANTASTIC scenery to soak in.

We arrived from the ‘surprise reveal’ direction and on the horizon we noted looming dark grey / black clouds. They swept in so incredibly fast that most people at the falls had no time to react as they tried to run down the fairly narrow path in attempt to reach their cars without getting utterly soaked.

Since it seemed to linger and intensify in its shower, all but us remained and everyone else knicked off. It was us, the falls, the shower and our cameras.

On the path up to the falls there are other numerous beautiful falls that are indeed photo worthy, but we were trying to get to […]

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    Getting Around Iceland – Our Winehouse Chariot [Kuku Campers delight]

Getting Around Iceland – Our Winehouse Chariot [Kuku Campers delight]

~~ DISCLAIMER:  These posts are from our Iceland-Honeymoon from 2013, but since being relocated from our expatriate work and getting pregnant, we’ve not blogged for some time, so facts/figures/etc. may have changed for the current date!! ~~

Upon landing in Keflavik (40kms from Reykjavik), and its fantastic-ly unassuming airport, we were met with a wet and gloomy atmosphere.  Not to the same extremity, but I recalled that moment in “Cool Runnings” when they first walk outside the airport in Calgary, and then immediately run back in to layer up; except it wasn’t so cold, just a bitter contrast from where we came from (hot and muggy India).

We were met by a rather happy and crass fellow from Kuku Campers who introduced us to our chariot for the next two weeks.  A super quick run-through (windy rain = sense of immediacy) of how everything worked and we were off.

Our Kuku Camper was the ‘Amy Winehouse’.  Not something we requested, or were ever particularly proud of throughout the journey.  Nevertheless, it had four wheels, a gutless motor, and a great gearbox.  It was a petrol version, though Kuku does rock a few diesel’s, and petrol was about 6000ISK ($50-$55AUD) a tank pretty […]

A Baby Does That

It’s been nearly a year since our last post; the introduction of our late-honeymoon of Curryandtulips to Iceland. A baby does that.

Trying to play catch-up in life with careers, job-role expansion,

moving to a new country,

moving into a furnished rental, then moving again and buying furniture for the new place,

buying vintage cars and servicing vintage cars has admittedly kept us just a smidge distracted from the relaxing outlet of blogging.

Add the mental, physical and spiritual preparation for having a child and the woes of pregnancy and you’ve got yourself enough scatter-brain to render any blog-writing impetus into thin and tasteless 3 day old vegetable soup. You don’t want it, and no one does.

So it’s no longer a baby; he’s our baby. He’s no longer an embryo, a fetus, or swimming in amniotic fluid, he’s our son and he breathes through his nostrils. He no longer has a cord feeding him his hors d’oeuvres and desserts but a rather plentiful set of breasts. He no longer looks like a prune or raisin but rather a debonair and handsome mocha-flavoured human being destined for great things.

He is Jethro Paul Moses.

And he keeps us up at night. He forces our hand and always wins. […]

Our Honeymoon to Iceland: When, Where, & Why

We saved, we researched, we planned, and we avoided planning. 1 Year and eight months after our marriage we stepped towards our honeymoon, walking out of our apartment in Bangalore, India into the backseat of a taxi cab, bound for the International Airport; our gateway to the stunning landscapes and Scandinavian efficiency that is Iceland.

Why Iceland?  It’s quite simple.  India has a population density of 199 people per sq./km.  The air quality in India is often less than par.  The ability to find a place in India that is 100% quiet is rival to qualifying for the Olympics.  The food, though amazing and delicious, is time consuming and precise.

Iceland has a population density of three, or so, people per sq. km.  The air quality is of the freshest we’ve been amongst (similar to the air in Tasmania or NZ). The serenity and freakish peace is almost enough to send a city-dweller into the arms of a straitjacket. And the food.  On this trip we discovered that we are indeed foodies, but more on that elsewhere.

Ever3ything we read about Iceland was almost an understatement, but it may be because we were coming from Iceland’s polar opposite.  So where in Iceland […]

What Does Four Weddings Look Like?

I don’t think anyone ever envisions getting married four times.  It’s not exactly something you long for as a child.  From what I know about women (and it’s not a great deal), those who have grown up in the West spend copious amounts of time conjuring up images of their one dream wedding.

Well, we had four.

I feel there needs to be some sort of explanation as to why we had four ‘weddings’.  In reality we had one wedding which was sort of like a court wedding, but then we had two receptions (unplanned by us) and another ‘mock’ wedding for our friends and family.  Our reasoning makes sense (I promise) if you consider the various geographical influences at play in our lives.  And for any of you thinking about marrying that fella or lady you met across the waters; CONSIDER YOURSELF WARNED; this will happen to you too. 

The timeline is as such: December 2011 we got engaged a few days before leaving to the U.S. to spend Christmas with my folks. This also was the first time Tammy would meet my folks face to face.

So while I witnessed my family quickly fall in love with Tammy, we thought about 2012 […]

The Accessibility of the Opposite Sex

In the movie ‘Hot Tub Time Machine’ these middle-aged fellas get transported back into the 80’s when they were in their prime; pre-mobile phones, careers, Facebook, responsibility, etc.

The youngest fella, who hadn’t actually lived back then (work with me here….I promise it leads somewhere), takes his phone with him, and somehow it works,(hot tub time machine….water???) and while in party-mode, meets a chic on the dance floor, you know, as you do.  She says “lets hang out later” to which he responds “ok, so should I text you?”, quickly realising the stupidity of what he said. He then asked how he’d catch up with her, to which she responds, “just come find me”….He crumples in laziness, stating, “that just sounds exhausting.”

This made me think.  More and more people are using non face-to-face communications to sus out the opposite sex; in the West it’s nearly normal.  I even sussed out my future wife on Facebook before I ever dated her.
I specifically remember thinking less of her after I saw a photo of her tagged at some party dressed in a cheetah print dress.
I hate cheetah print. I found out later, quite sheepishly, it was a themed party.
I’ll pose a question: […]

Visits to Aussie-land

You know what it’s like when your walking through a shopping centre and someones passing out free samples of that new snack you’ve seen the commercials for?

Your stoked.

You have the free sample, and then they offer you a one-time half-off offer if you buy it right then and there.  And then you realise you don’t have any money…..shattered.

That’s what it was like to go back to Australia in August and October.  We came for 2.5 weeks.  It was that brief moment of joy, much like the free sample.  You have the means and ability (since I have my permanent residency now) to stay there if you really want to, BUT there’s that one thing you just forgot had you bound.  We’re expats working overseas.

That state of stoked was short lived, but no doubt it’s always lovely being back in Aussie.

In such a short time you try and stack up free time with fleeting hang out sessions with friends, but it’s insatiable.  It’s kinda fair since we were on a work trip, but no doubt we took each opportunity we could to LAP UP the aussie air, the aussie accents, the aussie food, the aussie courtesy on the roads, the […]

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