Our Honeymoon to Iceland: When, Where, & Why

We saved, we researched, we planned, and we avoided planning. 1 Year and eight months after our marriage we stepped towards our honeymoon, walking out of our apartment in Bangalore, India into the backseat of a taxi cab, bound for the International Airport; our gateway to the stunning landscapes and Scandinavian efficiency that is Iceland.

Why Iceland?  It’s quite simple.  India has a population density of 199 people per sq./km.  The air quality in India is often less than par.  The ability to find a place in India that is 100% quiet is rival to qualifying for the Olympics.  The food, though amazing and delicious, is time consuming and precise.

Iceland has a population density of three, or so, people per sq. km.  The air quality is of the freshest we’ve been amongst (similar to the air in Tasmania or NZ). The serenity and freakish peace is almost enough to send a city-dweller into the arms of a straitjacket. And the food.  On this trip we discovered that we are indeed foodies, but more on that elsewhere.

Ever3ything we read about Iceland was almost an understatement, but it may be because we were coming from Iceland’s polar opposite.  So where in Iceland […]

What Does Four Weddings Look Like?

I don’t think anyone ever envisions getting married four times.  It’s not exactly something you long for as a child.  From what I know about women (and it’s not a great deal), those who have grown up in the West spend copious amounts of time conjuring up images of their one dream wedding.

Well, we had four.

I feel there needs to be some sort of explanation as to why we had four ‘weddings’.  In reality we had one wedding which was sort of like a court wedding, but then we had two receptions (unplanned by us) and another ‘mock’ wedding for our friends and family.  Our reasoning makes sense (I promise) if you consider the various geographical influences at play in our lives.  And for any of you thinking about marrying that fella or lady you met across the waters; CONSIDER YOURSELF WARNED; this will happen to you too. 

The timeline is as such: December 2011 we got engaged a few days before leaving to the U.S. to spend Christmas with my folks. This also was the first time Tammy would meet my folks face to face.

So while I witnessed my family quickly fall in love with Tammy, we thought about 2012 […]

The Accessibility of the Opposite Sex

In the movie ‘Hot Tub Time Machine’ these middle-aged fellas get transported back into the 80’s when they were in their prime; pre-mobile phones, careers, Facebook, responsibility, etc.

The youngest fella, who hadn’t actually lived back then (work with me here….I promise it leads somewhere), takes his phone with him, and somehow it works,(hot tub time machine….water???) and while in party-mode, meets a chic on the dance floor, you know, as you do.  She says “lets hang out later” to which he responds “ok, so should I text you?”, quickly realising the stupidity of what he said. He then asked how he’d catch up with her, to which she responds, “just come find me”….He crumples in laziness, stating, “that just sounds exhausting.”

This made me think.  More and more people are using non face-to-face communications to sus out the opposite sex; in the West it’s nearly normal.  I even sussed out my future wife on Facebook before I ever dated her.
I specifically remember thinking less of her after I saw a photo of her tagged at some party dressed in a cheetah print dress.
I hate cheetah print. I found out later, quite sheepishly, it was a themed party.
I’ll pose a question: […]

Visits to Aussie-land

You know what it’s like when your walking through a shopping centre and someones passing out free samples of that new snack you’ve seen the commercials for?

Your stoked.

You have the free sample, and then they offer you a one-time half-off offer if you buy it right then and there.  And then you realise you don’t have any money…..shattered.

That’s what it was like to go back to Australia in August and October.  We came for 2.5 weeks.  It was that brief moment of joy, much like the free sample.  You have the means and ability (since I have my permanent residency now) to stay there if you really want to, BUT there’s that one thing you just forgot had you bound.  We’re expats working overseas.

That state of stoked was short lived, but no doubt it’s always lovely being back in Aussie.

In such a short time you try and stack up free time with fleeting hang out sessions with friends, but it’s insatiable.  It’s kinda fair since we were on a work trip, but no doubt we took each opportunity we could to LAP UP the aussie air, the aussie accents, the aussie food, the aussie courtesy on the roads, the […]

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Be Free

Relax, Inhabit, Stay, Resolve, Remain

Those five words are synonyms of Settle.  I was in bed ready to go to sleep and thinking about water settling.  About sand settling.  Then I was drawn to a common term that people use when they are apparently finished adventuring or discovering.  They settle. 

They Relax.  They Inhabit.  They Stay.  They Resolve.  They REMAIN.

I hear a lot of single folk describe their experimental, self-discovery years as adventurous, as spontaneous, as lively, as impulsive, as instinctive, as FREE. 

Then I hear these same people approach marriage and use the phrase “it’s time to settle down”.

I find it interesting how we’ve taken a word, whose synonyms (in my eyes) are something so sedentary and not progressive, and attribute them to something so weighty, so requiring of sacrifice/compromise/learning/commitment/and dedication, as marriage.

I vow to anyone ever reading this that I never want to settle down with Tammy, my awesome beautiful intelligent and altruistic wife.  I want adventurous, I want spontaneous, I want lively, I want impulsive, I definitely want instinctive, and I ABSOLUTELY want FREE! 

How could I characterize the thing that society tells me is the biggest commitment I’d make as “resolved”.  We get one shot at life here on earth […]

Blood, Sweat and Tears….and My Feet.

Ever since I’ve had my own camera, one shot that I’ve always seemed to keep up with unconsciously is my feet.  It’s an easy shot to take, and in the moment it doesn’t carry much thoughtful weight, but looking back on them years later, and putting them all together creates a significant picture of experiences, journeys and locations worth reminiscing about and learning from.

In the same way, I feel, our spiritual journeys can be quite similar.  We react to instances or moments with that desire to note or attribute something to God, but largely for many of us, we continue on in life without much notice.  Those moments, whether noted in a journal or a prayer, when recollected at a later date and compiled into a mountain of thought, they too can highlight compelling realisations of your personal walk with God. 

A sermon I heard recently, from Eddie Hypolite, briefly mentioned how the Christian walk should be scarred with blood, sweat and tears.

Blood representing sacrifice, selfless service, putting your personality or character or status under the position of those surrounding you.  Not just those around you, which can be read as ‘pick and choose’, but the entire surrounding.  And not […]

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A Little Inspiration for Your Monday

Too much busyness without doubt equates to neglect in certain areas of ones life.  For me, too much busyness has led to CurryandTulips on the back-burner, along with the rebuilding of my online portfolio, loosefitmind.  But there are those moments of inspiration that meander and dance around your busyness, waiting for you to swallow your deadlines momentarily to entertain it.  This is one of those moments I’ve afforded for you, just as my friendly Facebook feed afforded to me.

Please watch.  Be inspired.  Much love from Josh.

If you’re so inclined to share, please do!

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Cacao | Maca | Sprouted Buckwheat & Ragi Porridge

One of the most versatile grains I have begun enjoying recently, and potentially one of the most nutritional alternatives to conventional wheat-based cereals, is Finger Millet .

Finger Millet, also known as Ragi, is cultivated in drier parts of the world – mainly in Asia and Africa. Ragi has a distinct taste and is widely used in Southern Indian and Ethiopian dishes. Ragi is a rich source of Calcium, Iron, Protein, Fiber and other minerals. The cereal has low fat content and contains mainly unsaturated fat. It is easy to digest and does not contain gluten. Ragi is considered one of the most nutritious cereals. It has different names in local Indian languages, being known as Ragi in Telugu and Kannada, Kelvaragu/aariyam in Tamil, and Madua/Mangal in Hindi.

Josh & I have been consistently incorporating Ragi into our weekly diet for several months now in the form of Ragi Rotis, Ragi Idli, Ragi Mudde, and at least 5 times per week as Ragi Porridge. It’s slightly trickier to find Ragi flour in Australian supermarkets or health food stores, but if you live in an area that supports an Indian supermarket or are happy to buy online, you can have kilos […]

Slippery Slope of Sedentary-ness

The feature photo showcases success; a pivotal threshold-crossing understood by many.  A happy farewell to the necessary, yet at times illogical, journey of academia.  Unfortunately the reality struck when I graduated from university and it was slim-pickin’s for work.  I had a temporary visa and had no career experience.  So what do you do?  I worked in retail fashion.

The shifts were structured so I had outside time to remain active, go to the gym, go for runs, etc.  Plus in the store there were no chairs, so we stood the entire shift.  (I know what your thinking….”far out Josh, don’t over exert yourself yea?”…it’ll make more sense later…)

Months later I scored my first coveted professional job within the realm of my academic discipline.  I didn’t know as a result of this job I would put on 10kg’s before I quit.  You might say that the job didn’t make me suddenly gain weight, and you’d be right.  But those of us whose 9-5 consists of driving to work, sitting at a desk staring at a computer, and then driving home, know how absolutely drained you feel at the end of the day….which breeds crazy inactivity….


Tammy and I watched a doco […]

The Pot – Man

I’m digressing, I know, but before we left the Abhaneri Chand Baori Step-Well & Harshat Mata Temple and headed back to Jaipur the driver we’d hired was keen to buy his wife a clay-pot.  If you’re travelling here and not keen on buying any of these (they don’t transport easily, quite fragile) then be firm and say you want head back. This is a way the drivers put their unknowing tourists into a situation where you sort of get guilt-tripped into buying something off of a local or at the least giving them some cash to help their small business along.

Well, we know that now, but the process of finding that out wasn’t at all bad as it proved to be quite a photographic opportunity.  We basically walked right into this fellas front yard and the driver begin to chat to him.  As I looked around and saw the surroundings I remember thinking it’d be epic to shoot this guy making something.

Mr. Pot Man from Curry&Tulips on Vimeo.

Well as we begin to chat (Tammy was keen on a pot as soon as she saw them) he got more comfy around us and I started snapping away.  The guy was […]


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