I don’t think anyone ever envisions getting married four times.  It’s not exactly something you long for as a child.  From what I know about women (and it’s not a great deal), those who have grown up in the West spend copious amounts of time conjuring up images of their one dream wedding.

Well, we had four.

I feel there needs to be some sort of explanation as to why we had four ‘weddings’.  In reality we had one wedding which was sort of like a court wedding, but then we had two receptions (unplanned by us) and another ‘mock’ wedding for our friends and family.  Our reasoning makes sense (I promise) if you consider the various geographical influences at play in our lives.  And for any of you thinking about marrying that fella or lady you met across the waters; CONSIDER YOURSELF WARNED; this will happen to you too. 

The timeline is as such: December 2011 we got engaged a few days before leaving to the U.S. to spend Christmas with my folks. This also was the first time Tammy would meet my folks face to face.

So while I witnessed my family quickly fall in love with Tammy, we thought about 2012 and what it had in store.  We had both quit our jobs and were hired by Asian Aid to go and work in Nepal.  Knowing the conservative nature of the Christian framework in South Asia we didn’t want to bother with having to live separately so just before Christmas we had the bright idea of getting married in a civil service before we left to Nepal.


It was decided.  The day after the engagement party in Sydney we would make a quick dash to the Blue Mountains where we hired a house for four days and we’d have a makeshift civil service on the balcony overlooking the range. Reuben Ennor and his creative mastery came to film the shindig, little did I know how much of an awesome job he’d do.

Josh & Tammy from Reuben B Visuals on Vimeo.


So we were happily married.  Everyone knicked off and we had the house to ourselves for a few days.  Good times ensued.


We quickly ticked off six months in Nepal and then because of visa issues we were off to India for more work.  This gave my parents the opportunity to please the relatives by holding a ceremony in India.  My parents come from different places in India and both sides of the remaining grandparents are too old to travel comfortably so we were told that we’d have two ‘weddings’.


They were receptions without the exchange of vows, but they were of such great length that they felt indeed like weddings.  Indian custom is to have anyone and everyone who’s someone speak at great lengths AT YOU. All the while you are required to sit under bright lights in far too much clothing that weighs as much as you do just at the edge of monsoon season.  Hot and humid.



So we rocked the ceremony in Hosur, then the following weekend in Kollegal.  I should mention that Tammy’s folks flew from Australia, got fitted for Indian outfits, and attended both ceremonies. Epic times.


Fast forward to 2013.  We wanted to honour our friends and relatives position and value in our lives.  Those close to us who supported and continue to support Tammy and I as individuals, and us together as a couple.

HeathandJac (497 of 613)_1

It seemed unnecessary, as Reubens video he filmed of our first shindig was viewed quite a lot (it was probably all Tammy), but nevertheless, we figured why not; we love our friends heaps.  And since Reuben Ennor did such a good job on our first video, we asked if he’d do another one.  I love this guy!

Josh & Tammy from Reuben B Visuals on Vimeo.

We wanted it to be cheap, but awesome.  I suppose that’s every couple’s wish.  We were pretty dedicated on the cheap part so through good contacts, good friends, and lots of research we planned, decorated, clothed, etc etc etc everything ourselves.

HeathandJac (73 of 613)_1

Worked a treat as Hello May, an Aussie indie-wedding blog, decided to run a story on our little shindig and the awesome photos that were taken by Jac & Heath Photography.

So that’s all of it in a nutshell (a massive multi-cultural nutshell….).  Now you understand why the four ceremonies, or four weddings, if you will.

We loved every bit.  Each one was unique.  Each one was incredibly fun.  Each one was special in it’s own right.  I wouldn’t change it if we had to do it all over.  In fact, maybe we’ll start a trend…….probably not.

Heres to remembering too many special events:

  • 11.12.2011 – Engaged.
  • 18.12.2011 – American engagement party
  • 14.1.2012 – Adelaide engagement party
  • 21.1.2012 – Sydney engagement party
  • 22.1.2012 – Civil wedding ceremony @ Blue Mountains, Australia
  • 21.10.2012 – Indian wedding reception #1 – Hosur, India
  • 28.10.2012 – Indian wedding reception #2 – Kollegal, India
  • 27.1.2013 – Public wedding ceremony @ Newcastle University Art Gallery, Australia
  • 1.9.2013 – Honeymoon.